I wish to document the professional services I have been receiving through P.R.S. for the last year. As the anniversary of my contract with them arrived, I had cause to sit back and recall my thoughts on the quality of their services for my medical practice this year.
To put it simply, I am very pleased with the high quality of services I have received through P.R.S. They do an excellent job of properly documenting my hospital-based visits and office-based outpatient visits. The process of billing and subsequent receipt of payments has gone smoothly. The lock-box service they recommended has worked seamlessly with the bank. The electronic billing service has worked smoothly from my point of view. The cost of their service is a dramatic improvement over the expense I had when I was doing all of this "in office." The cost has gone down, and the quality has dramatically improved. What an excellent trade-off. I cannot help but say how pleased I am at that distinct change over the last year. These are tough economic times, and I am pleased to be able to have expenses go down and income go up, despite everything else that is going on in the medical field.
I would also like to say that I am quite pleased with the customized personal service provided when requested by Liz Lee, CEO and Ken Lee, CFO. They have been very helpful in clarifying questions I have had. They have given me pointers on documentation issues that affect Medicare compliance. They have helped me with financial planning in terms of what kind of activities may be better reimbursable. They have been readily available for urgent calls when we have a question about a type of new referral or a type of unusual event. Their broad experience in handling physiatric physician's practices over more than a decade, has clearly been helpful in giving my office a breadth of support which I did not have before hiring them on for their services. This extra "bonus" has come at no cost whatsoever. That has been a wonderful professional approach on the part of these two hard-working individuals and of their entire company.
I will be happy to discuss my opinions with any physicians or offices who are considering P.R.S. for their services in the future. I am definitely a "satisfied customer."

G. Bixler, MD GO B/jss

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To all Physiatrists in need of a billing/practice management Company dedicated solely to PM&R, we highly recommend PRS, Inc. to you. For the last five years PRS has been a very important part of our PM&R practice. PRS, Inc. is a very reliable company with extensive expertise in the Physiatry field of medicine. PRS, Inc. as a company, has the ability to offer us, as a PM&R Practice, the support and assistance in many different ways such as billing, credentialing and administrative needs…But, two of the most important things to us about PRS, Inc. services is the fact that there is always someone available at their offices to assist us whenever we need it and above all, the consistency of record high revenue each month. PRS, Inc. has provided our practice with a security that any and all practices strive for. Please feel free to contact us regarding the services of PRS, Inc.

Lixary Vicenti-Colon, Certified Medical Office

My practice has been using PRS, Inc. since February 2010, at which time my business was in dire straits because of billing problems.
Their efficiency and professionalism have been exemplary, but, the most important thing has been the timely billing. The PRS staff has also been very responsive to the need for prompt attention to difficult and time-consuming follow up; they have worked diligently to resolve unpaid claims. Additionally, they have identified codes and problems that I missed, which has increased my opportunities for collection on claims. I cannot begin to describe the difference in the flow of income since PRS began handling my accounts, and I credit their work for the turnaround in my practice. I am most grateful.

Deborah Bastidas